Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit: The Best Scuba Wetsuit Product Review

If there’s a piece of scuba diving gear that has been made by a million companies and with a billion iterations, it’s the wetsuit.

Yeah, I know.

You’ve read every review on every wetsuit and you’re fed up.

That may be true, but it’s also true that you haven’t read this particular Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit review.

I won’t tell you why you should read this, but I will tell you this – if you don’t, you’ll definitely miss out.

So let’s get started.

Like I said, this is not your ordinary wetsuit review, so we’ll do things slightly differently.

But first off…

Who is Xcel Anyway?

Xcel is a wetsuit and scuba gear company that was founded in 1982 by Ed D’Ascoli. Getting inspiration from the professional athletes performing in front of his doorstep (he lived on Sunset Beach at that time), he created the brand that has made some major splashes in the world of watersports.

After growing in leaps and bounds, the brand became a force to reckon with. Notable achievements include winning the wetsuit of the year award in 2007, 2008, 2010, and most recently in 2017. The most recent victory was awarded for the outstanding design for the Infiniti Comp TDC full suit.

So yes, Xcel is a brand you can trust to keep you warm and protected on your underwater excursions.

Ant that is why we are looking at one of their groundbreaking and award-winning wetsuits – the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit series.

But before you rush off and get yourself one (there’ll be plenty of time later)…

Excel Thermoflex Wetsuit Review – Before You Hit the Water

Many times, novice divers mistake the mistake of thinking that they can go by with one wetsuit.

Big mistake.

If you want to take your diving to the next level, you’ll have to ditch your “safe waters” and try out different dives. And trying out different waters means diving in different temperatures.

This is where your diving wardrobe becomes more interesting.


Because the temperature of the water you are diving in will determine the type of wetsuit you will dive in – thickness and cut that is.

Let’s talk thickness first.

The thickness of a wetsuit is not at all related to your body size, it has everything to do with the water you are diving in.

Here’s how the two are related.

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No products found.

7mm wetsuits are the thickest wetsuit available for recreational and sports diving. Designed to be used in waters in the 50-60 degrees F range, they are the warmest of the 3 wetsuit thicknesses.

And as a side note, if you intend to dive in some frigid waters, make sure to accessorize properly. Either get a wetsuit with a hood (like the Xcel Thermoflex Polar men’s wetsuit with an attached hood) or find a separate hood. Boots are also advisable.

A great Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit in this category is the 7/6mm Men’s Xcel ThermoFlex SCUBA wetsuit. This $390.00 Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit features:

Water Temp Rating: 52 Degrees & Up

Style: Full suit

Thickness: 7/6mm

Neoprene Type: 100% Stretch

Seam Construction: Sealed

Zipper Style: Full Back Zipper

Internal Features: Poly Fleece Lining – Anti Flush Wrist Gaskets

Additional Features: Ankle Zippers and Adjustable Collar

Now, this is definitely one wetsuit you’ll be happy to wear in those cold Washington DC waters.

XCEL 5/4mm Men's ThermoFlex

XCEL 5/4mm Men's ThermoFlex TDC Scuba Fullsuit - Black, MT
  • Rated for water 60 degrees and up
  • 100% superstretch neoprene for maximum flexibility in the water
  • Seams are sealed to keep the cold water out

5mm wetsuits are designed to be used in waters in the 60-70 degree F temperature range.

Most people only have a 7mm and a 3mm (or one of the 2) in their diving wardrobes because of seeing the need to only own a “cold water wetsuit” or a “warm water wetsuit”.

You may not use a 5mm wetsuit as often as the other 2, but it’s still good to have one on hand. You never know when you may need it.

Ready to get yourself a great 5mm Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit?

Then take a look at the 5/4mm Men’s Xcel ThermoFlex TDC SCUBA full suit.

Water Temp Rating: 60 Degrees & Up

Style: Full suit

Thickness: 5/4mm

Neoprene Type: 100% Stretch

Seam Construction: Sealed

Zipper Style: Full Back Zipper

Internal Features: Poly Fleece Lining

Additional Features: Ankle Zippers and Adjustable Collar

For around $360.00, this high-quality wetsuit gives you more value than you pay for and is a great bargain not to be missed.

XCEL 3mm Men's ThermoFlex

XCEL 3mm Men's ThermoFlex TDC Scuba Wetsuit - Black, XL
  • Rated for water 68 degrees and up
  • 100% superstretch neoprene for maximum flexibility in the water
  • Seams are sealed to keep the cold water out

Commonly called the warm water wetsuit, the 3mm wetsuit is designed for use in waters in the 70-85 degree F range.

Yes, even if the water is warm, say above 80, you still need a wetsuit – especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the water.

To get yourself one of the most popular wetsuit thicknesses, consider the 5/4mm Men’s Xcel ThermoFlexTDC 2-Piece 3MM DV18. This set comes with a cool hood and both pieces feature zipperless entry to afford you quick and easy in and out of your Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit.

                                               Water Temp Rating: 68 Degrees & Up

                                                                     Style: Full suit

                                                                 Thickness: 3/3mm

                                                        Neoprene Type: 100% Stretch

                                                          Seam Construction: Sealed

                                                         Zipper Style: Full Back Zipper

                                                 Internal Features: Poly Fleece Lining

Bottom line, this means before you buy a wetsuit, find out the average temperature of the water you will be using it in. and if you are not a fan of the 2-piece, keep reading and I’ll show you another 3mm Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit, only this time, it will be a full suit.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with our Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit review.

Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuits Review – For the Love of Diving

If you truly love diving, you’ll definitely love the Xcel Thermoflex series of wetsuits.

Xcel, unlike many other wetsuit companies, capitalizes on the fun atmosphere associated with everything associated with watersports.

That is why their designs are fun to browse through.

Speaking of design, it’s time to break down the unique design features found in the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit line.

Design and Build Quality

Many wetsuits are made from neoprene, a very flexible, durable, lightweight, and so many other qualities that make for a good wetsuit.

And for most wetsuits, that’s all they can be – good.

But for Xcel, good is not good enough, as their name suggests.

And that’s why Xcel uses innovative technology and innovation above the greatest synthetic rubber material ever created – neoprene.

One such innovative technology is their exclusive Thermo Dry Celliant, or TDC, as it commonly referred to. TDC, Xcel claims, is their warmest wetsuit lining ever. But what exactly is TDC?

TDC is a fabric technology that features enhanced insulation properties for increased warmth, fast-drying and lightweight properties, and the most revolutionary characteristic Celliant technology.

Call it what you may, but the Celliant technology is probably borrowed technology from the future. According to Xcel, this technology involves crushing minerals into a fine dust that is then incorporated into the fabric. The minerals serve the purpose of trapping what would otherwise be wasted, converting it into infrared energy, which is then sent back to the skin and converted into heat.

In other words, it’s a heat recycling technology. And when you are underwater, every “drop” of heat counts.

With such innovation backing the design of the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit, you can be guaranteed nothing but the best in terms of construction and build quality.

Construction-wise, the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit line all feature sealed seams to prevent water from seeping through and also to enhance the durability of the wetsuit.

But one thing you will appreciate from every Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit is the creative design – they all just stand out (and make you look cool).

Ease of Use and Functionality

When you get past the clever design of the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit and get to the point of putting it on, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to get into and out of your new wetsuit.

Whatever cut you get, Xcel Thermoflex wetsuits are designed to cut the time you take to get in them so that you can spend more time in them (and the water of course).

Take for example the Xcel 9/7/6mm Polar Thermoflex Men’s full wetsuit, yes, the one with the attached hood.

Featuring a front zipper that extends all the way across the front, getting in and out of this wetsuit is as easy as, well, as putting on your overalls (nearly).

Or one of my favorites, the men’s 3mm 5/4mm Men’s Xcel ThermoFlex. This one affords easy on and off at another level with its ankle flaps and ankle zippers. Now that’s easy access.

And when it comes to mobility, the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit’s advanced material and technology make this one of the most comfortable wetsuits available. Whether you are in the water or on land, you’ll definitely find that your movements will be fluid, easy, and near natural.

This is one wetsuit you’ll love to dive in as it will certainly feel like your second skin due to its lightweight nature, comfortable fit, and warm blanket feeling you will have on all your dives.

The Xcel Thermoflex Wetsuit Review – The Xcellent Choice

If you are looking for a great wetsuit and have a bit of extra cash to spend, then the Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit line is where you should be searching.

Sure, this may not be the cheapest wetsuit line, but it definitely is worth every penny you will spend on it.

So go ahead, let’s get you kitted in an Xcel Thermoflex wetsuit and let’s go diving.

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