Tower Sup Paddle Boards iRace 12’6″ Inflatable SUP Review

If you’re into paddle board racing, you definitely want to have a look at the Tower Sup iRace. This model is another one of Tower’s fast inflatable stand-up boards. It’s incredibly sleek, at 12’6” x 30”, making it agile.

It also features a sharp-looking red, black, and white color scheme. Tower SUP markets it as lighter, minimalistic, and easy to carry around.

And at only 27 pounds, that’s a fair judgment. No more lugging around a heavy hard board. Better yet, it also features a convenient carrying handle to help you list and carry it while it’s inflated. To store, it rolls up to a tight 12” x 33” when compressed. At 6” thick, the board is plenty rigid and won’t buckle under your weight.

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The iRace is designed with advantages for both racing and recreational riders. With its narrower width and 6” thickness, the inflatable board’s pointed nose makes this a go-to board for any racing paddlers. For the fast crowd, the narrow build aids it in gliding along at speed and cutting through the choppy water. The extra length is also good for taller boarders who might be worried about falling off of a shorter board. In calmer water, the length of the board adds to your ability to paddle long distances.

Quality is a big deal when choosing an inflatable stand-up paddle. It has a big influence on both the lifespan and performance of the paddling board. This is why the Tower SUP boards strictly built the iRace from military-grade PVC material making this board an actual hulk for water sports adventurers.

This model doesn’t have quite as much weight capacity as a heavy-duty model like the Tower Xplorer, but is still at the high-end of what most other iSUPs can handle at 400 lbs. It’s constructed from the same tough, military-grade PVC as Tower’s other boards, and is inflatable up to 15psi.

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The iRace comes with a number of external accessories, including a 3-piece fiberglass paddle, high-pressure hand pump, detachable fin, deck pad, a leash attachment ring on the tail, and a repair kit.

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Top Features

  • Built for speed – The tower sup board is long and narrow, facilitating quick movement throughout the water. The ability to add a center fin allows for smooth, straight-ahead boarding with speeds that rival other race and touring boards.
  • Good for race or recreation – The streamlined design lends itself to speed, but has the handling and stability for everyday recreational use as well. You can deploy this paddle board in a large lake or steady open ocean and still get tons of use from it.
  • Great for on-the-go – The board’s carrying handle and light weight make it easy to move when inflated, and the compact size and transport sling make it a breeze to haul around when deflated. It stores well and can fit easily in the back of your car or storage closet.
  • Easy to use – Even beginners will find this tower sup board easy to handle. The tough, durable nature of this board allows for it to take a licking, which you’ll likely have a few of starting out. It’s even sturdy enough to handle a tandem ride, provided you stay within the weight recommendation!
  • 2-year warranty – Like most Tower products, the 2-year warranty has you covered in case of anomalies in workmanship or production.

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What We Like About The Tower Sup Paddle Boards iRace 12’6″ Inflatable SUP

  • The paddle – This paddle is a pleasant surprise, and a far cry from the kinds of paddles you’ll normally find packaged with iSUPs. Instead of cheap aluminum, Tower provides a slick-looking black telescoping fiberglass paddle. Not the very best, but way better than expected.
  • Fast and true – The tower sup board is definitely quick, and rides straight through chop with minimal effort.
  • Extra portable – All iSUPs can roll up, but this model is particularly light and compact. The “on the go” label definitely fits, as breaking down and setting up this board is a quick and painless process provided you have the right tools (i.e. an electric pump).
  • Easy install on the fin – It snaps into place much quicker than the fins on other models. The included fin is smaller than desired though at 9.25”.

What We Don’t Like About The Tower Sup Paddle Boards iRace 12’6″ Inflatable SUP

  • No bungee system – Streamlined portability and speed come at the expense of an integrated bungee system on this board. If you were planning on taking along a lot of gear, you might want to rethink your strategy. You could install one yourself but that’s going to be extra time, cost, and work.
  • The pump is particularly low-grade – It’s difficult to use hand pumps on inflatable boards in the first place, and that goes double for the hand pump included with the iRace.
  • It gets hot – Thanks to the black paint scheme, the board looks cool but heats up quite a bit in the sun. Best throw a towel over the top when you aren’t using it to limit the sun exposure.

This iSUP Is Best Suited For

  • Those looking for a fast, mid-level board – This board is probably best suited for intermediate paddlers who want a bit more speed when taking on their usual rides.
  • Riders on the move – This tower sup board is very easy to move around, a boon for individuals who are zipping around frequently.

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This iSUP Is Not So Great For

  • Those looking for a top-of-the-line race board – This board is quick, but you’ll need to turn to a higher level inflatable or hardboard if you want the cream of the crop.

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Final Review of Tower Paddle Board’s iRace

The Tower iRace is a good intermediate speed board that can double as a backup or “lend to a friend” kind of board. It’s fun to ride, easy to deploy, a cinch to transport, and very good looking! It rides straight, which is good for distance, and while not the most responsive of boards, is still plenty agile to navigate the water the way you want. All in all, the Tower iRace Stand Up Board is an excellent racing SUP for paddling adventurers.

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