Sling It With The Best SUP Carrier and Storage Straps

Whether you’re looking to sling your SUP over your shoulder for the walk to the beach, or a secure way to store your board, a good set of SUP straps is what you need. Here at, we’re big fans of these things.

What’s cool about the straps is that they are cheap, compact, and easy to use. Have we convinced you how great these are yet? If so, check out our recommendations below.

Seattle Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Strap Carry System

Seattle Sports SUP Strap Carry System

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If you’re looking for a brand that has a good reputation for outdoor gear, then take a moment to consider this option from Seattle Sports. It is designed for easy to transport your board to and from the water, and it doubles as a convenient way to hang your SUP for wall storage.

This strap is made of 2-inch wide nylon webbing that can accommodate only stand-up paddle board at a time.


  • Quick-release loops make it easy to take slack out of the straps and secure board for transport
  • Padded shoulder pad increases comfort during the carry
  • Built-in loop offers a place to hang the Seattle Sports Strap Carry System on a wall to store your paddle board

Note that this strap is not designed to carry an SUP on your vehicle. And it’s not advisable to try to use this on a kayak, if you were thinking of doing that it probably won’t fit.

SUP-Now SUP Paddleboard Carrier/ Storage Sling

SUP-NOW Paddleboard Carrier SUP Carrying Strap to Carry Paddleboard...

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While SUP-Now might not be a household name like Seattle Sports, this sling is another good option for people looking to carry or store a paddle board on straps like this.

It actually is very similar to other models on the market, except that it’s worth pointing out that this model features a removable drawstring bag. The bag is nice because it gives you a place to put your keys or water bottle while you’re walking with this thing slung over your shoulders.


  • Triple Padded: The SUP-Now Paddleboard Carrier Strap shoulder pad is triple padded and made from soft and durable neoprene for maximum comfort on your shoulder.
  • More Adjustable than Other Straps: which makes it better to use for people of all heights.
  • High-Quality Velcro: makes carrying your paddle easy, and even acts as a handle.
  • Removable Drawstring Bag Attachment makes it easy to carry your water bottle, sunscreen or other items.

Note that we’re not yet sure if this strap can be used on your vehicle or with kayaks or surfboards.

Deluxe SUP Paddleboard Carry Strap by Own the Wave

Own the Wave Deluxe SUP Paddleboard Carry Strap Choose Your Bundle

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Another decent SUP strap on the market right now is this model by Own the Wave. What we really like about this one is that you get your choice of bonus items with it right now. They’re calling it “choose your own bundle” and you can get some cool bonus gear.

At the time of publication of this article, bonus gear options are: SUP deck bag, waist bag + phone case, or water bottle holder. (options may vary at time of purchase)

So, click the link above and check out your current bundle options.


  • The Own the Wave SUP Carry strap has adjustable straps to go around your board, an adjustable padded shoulder strap and a Velcro paddle holder. Plus it comes with a SUP Deck Bag – all at an amazing price! It works perfectly whether you are 6’5″ or 4’3″ and fits large wide SUP’s right down to smaller surfboards. Guaranteed to work for your height AND your board or you get your money back.
  • Carry your board easily! This SUP carry is made from durable but soft materials with three layers on the strap pad for maximum comfort. The idea of these straps is to carry the weight of your board on your shoulder and Own the Wave guarantee that you won’t find a better constructed or more comfortable shoulder pad than theirs.
  • Complete photographic instructions written by us will be emailed to you when you purchase – to help you to set up and use your SUP carry (tailored to your board and your height). Product includes a SUP Deck Bag to put your valuables (sunglasses, bottled water or soda, hat, sunblock lotion, etc.) so you don’t need to stop paddling because you can easily reach your food, water and anything else.
  • Please Note – the SUP deck bag is designed to be used with Hard Boards and features four easy release suction cups so your board is safe from any scratches. You can also just simply place the bag under your bungee system if your Inflatable SUP or non-smooth board has one. The Bag comes with a handy carry handle so there’s absolutely no hassle to bring your things.

Overall, we think that this SUP strap is a great value for the money, especially since it comes with the bonus items in the bundle package at Amazon.

Though we prefer indoor storage racks for SUPs, these straps are great options if you don’t have a lot of space or just want to save some money on your storage costs.

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