5 Best Places To SUP In Maui

Maui, the second largest of the Hawaiian islands, has many places to learn or practice all kinds of water sports. If you enjoy stand up paddle boarding, then you will find that there are many parts of this magnificent island where you can spend the day on a quiet board, almost alone with nothing but you, the water, the sky and the amazing scenery.

Kapalua Bay

Located on the northern part of the island, Kapalau Bay is home to a large beach that is largely sheltered from the elements for most of the year. Rain and wind are rare here, allowing you to practice your paddelboarding skills easily in a protected environment. The long beach full of white sand has gentle waves that also allow you to begin your entrance easily into the sea. As long as you stick to the shore, you should be assured of having a space where you can polish your technique. As you pause to look down in between paddling,  you should be able to see lots of fish right underneath your feet in amazingly bright colors.

Napili Bay

This lush northwestern corner of the island is one of the best places for experienced stand up paddle boarders looking for a challenge. This area of Maui may be slightly windier and rainier than other parts of the region, making it fun for those adventurous paddlers who love to be outside in all weather. Where paddleboarders benefit is from having an area that is pristine and located far away from ordinary views of shopping centers and other sights. Instead, choosing to SUP here means choosing to be in a pure space where it is possible to see Hawaii as it was before many humans made this part of the world their home. Those who enjoy the quiet solace of the board and the water will find this area quite right for their need for solitude and calm reflection.

Makena Beach State Park

One of the best beaches on all Maui and arguably in all of Hawaii, Makena makes the perfect place to go SUPing. This southwestern region has golden sands that extend from the land here nearly a hundred yards. This makes it easy for any paddleboarder to pick the perfect spot from which to launch their board. Once in the water, it is even easier to follow along the sand here at the beach and marvel at the beautiful waters underneath your feet.  Paddle boarding here means being near two large black rock lava outcroppings. This means it is is easy to find your bearings no matter where you are. It also means that you can be assured of being sheltered from any harsh winds as you stand on your board.


Kihei is one of the most popular places to SUP on the island of Maui. The gentle beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. People also come to hit the water because it allows them to get close to the whales that can be found just offshore. The area here is home to the world renowned Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. This sanctuary allows those in the water to get close to some of the world’s most amazing and wonderful creatures. Many humpbacks come here each winter, to the delight of scientists and those who visit here alike. Paddelboarders are also able to get close to regional reefs here, making it easy to spend a day on the water surrounded by all kinds of wonderful wildlife and gorgeous, warm, welcoming waters that make it easy to paddle around the area.

The Maliko Run

The Maliko Run is perhaps the most famous place to sup in all of Maui and possibly all of the Hawaiian islands. This lovely part of Maui has long been considered one of the finest places to go SUPing in all of Maui and perhaps the entire world. Paddlers here will find a constant wind that helps them paddle more easily. They will also find warm waters and low waves that can be helpful for both experienced paddleboarders and those just starting the sport. It’s also an easy place to find a community of paddleboarders who can help show you the ropes or demonstrate ways to improve your technique. If you get tired, just take a rest along the shores of Kanaha Beach Park and watch as others spend time on the waves.

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