iRocker Paddle Boards 11′ Inflatable SUP Package Review

Do you want to hit the water this summer with the best inflatable paddle board, but you don’t know which to choose? Consider the iRocker paddle boards brand. The one we reviewed is the 11′ version of the iRocker paddle boards, which is a popular inflatable SUP line. The total dimensions on this board are 11′ x 30” x 6”. The 6” thickness aids in keeping riders above water, and contributes to the iRocker’s impressive weight capacity (385 lbs).

The high quality, military grade PVC used to construct the board gives it remarkable firmness, particularly when inflated to its ideal pressure of 15psi. It’s triple layered to provide durability, and won’t damage easily, even in areas where a hard board might get dinged up. The board is on the heavier side for inflatables at 30lbs, but rolls up compactly to 33” x 13”, and is easy to store or carry.

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More Info About the iRocker Paddle Boards

The board features a 3 fin setup, with one center fin and two side fins to aid on flat water and in light surf. The deck pad is an EVA diamond groove, well regarded for offering superior grip. It’s large enough that it provides riders with some room to maneuver if they’re performing some tricky moves, made of a comfortable foam that won’t damage your feet. The iRocker also comes with a complete package of accessories to get started: an adjustable aluminum paddle, a high pressure hand pump, a carry bag, and a repair kit.

The length and stability of the board make it great for the open water, allowing riders to glide with a fair amount of speed across lakes and flat ocean. The nose, while not the narrowest, provides adequate performance when water starts to get choppy.


  • Center carry handle – Located right in the middle of the board, it aids in hauling the iRocker around while it is inflated. Sufficient enough for even smaller riders to get a good grip on the board.
  • 3 fin setup – Board is equipped with a large center fin and two smaller side fins. Allow for the board to perform in surf and track well on calmer waters.
  • Bungee system – The bungee cords come pre-installed on the front of the board, allowing riders to tie down a bag of gear, or whatever else they may need to bring along.
  • Diamond groove – The traction pad is a non-slip foam, with a diamond pattern that allow riders to really grip the board and stay balanced while on the water.
  • Narrow nose shape – Cuts through the water, allowing riders to maintain its cruising ability in choppier conditions.
  • Rounded tail shape – Makes the board more stable, and is beneficial for riders who like smoother, more controlled turns.
  • 2 year warranty – iRocker protects their boards for 2 years on everything outside of normal wear and tear.

What We Like

  • It’s a complete package – The iRocker comes with everything you need to get started with paddle boarding, making it a nice bundle for individuals who are just getting into the hobby.
  • Multiple designs – The comes in two combinations: blue/white, and white/gray. Both designs are simple, but well done.
  • Durable board – The triple layered PVC and thickness of the board result in tough design that provides buoyancy for riders, and is rugged enough to withstand impacts on rocks and other hard surfaces.
  • Weight limit – 385 lbs is plenty for heavier riders. In this case, the overall weight of the board is also a bit higher, but not so much that it’s unwieldy.
  • Can attach a seat – The iRocker comes with fittings that allow riders to install a comfortable cushioned seat. Great if you want to break out the kayak paddle for a new experience.

iRocker Paddle Boards 11' isup features

What We Don’t Like

  • That paddle – It’s aluminum. An economical choice, and sure, it floats, but it’s heavier than it needs to be and cold to the touch. Fiberglass, carbon fiber, or some good old fashioned wood make for a better option.

iRocker Paddle Boards 11' transportBest Suited For

  • Cruising – The board is long and can reach some pretty good speeds. The narrow tip allows the iRocker to keep moving through various conditions.
  • Versatility – The option to add a comfort seat is great for anyone looking to mix it up. You can turn your paddle board into a sea sea kayak and tour the open waters of your lake or bay.

Not So Great For

  • Taller riders – The narrow shape becomes a bit unstable for taller individuals who are a bit top heavy. They might feel like they’re about to tumble over at any moment. Not an issue for shorter riders though.
  • Catching waves – This board is long and sails smoothly, so it’s not exactly ideal if you want a compact, quick turning board that will let you up on the waves.

The iRocker Paddle Boards Verdict

The iRocker 11′ is a high quality iSUP with plenty going for it. The high weight capacity and durable construction allow for just about anyone to ride this board without worries of damage or the board’s surface dipping into the water. The shape keeps the board stable and allows it to cut through the water, maintaining speed and tracking the whole way through. The narrow style might not be as efficient for extremely tall riders, but a vast majority are going to get a lot of use out of this stable, speedy iSUP.

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