iRocker CRUISER 10’6″ iSUP Package Review

iRocker is known as one of the biggest players in the inflatable stand-up paddle board business and has made a name by specializing in the top-tier inflatable boards that are built for maximum durability. Their CRUISER board is an extension of this, though, priced at a point that makes it much more accessible to a larger audience (particularly beginners who might want to test the proverbial iSUP waters).

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At 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″, the CRUISER is a relatively larger model. The added width and thickness are particularly crucial for an inflatable board as they help provide increased stability for newbies who are just getting the hang of this hobby. It also allows for an impressive weight limit, upwards of 350 pounds. Like iRocker’s many other boards, the CRUISER holds its own against hard boards when inflated to the proper pressure (15 PSI) while remaining much lighter and more portable.

The body shape allows for OK speed, but its true advantage is in tracking and balance. the CRUISER can turn with superior precision, and remains stable in both flat and choppy water. The three fin setup keeps the board sailing true with minimal side-to-side deviation. Furthering the balance riders will feel on this board is the extended deck pad. The textured surface allows for excellent grip, which aids while performing board yoga, riding with a friend, or simply cruising solo.

Included with the board is a front bungee for strapping down gear bags. The Cruiser also comes with an accessory bundle that includes a carrying bag, hand pump, ankle leash, and better-than-average fiberglass paddle. It’s a welcome addition, and it seems iRocker put some thought into making sure each accessory component was of a quality make rather than entry-level filler gear that you’d have to immediately replace.

irocker cruiser featuresFeatures

  • Bungee System — Located at the front of the board, the extended cargo area is oversized so that you can strap down a large amount of gear. Take a pack, take your lunch, take your camera—whatever you might need to aid your adventures out on the water.
  • 3-Fin Setup — Three fins allows for superior straight tracking while the board is in use. The two side fins are permanently affixed, while the center fin can be removed at your convenience.
  • Lightweight — The CRUISER weights a mere 24 pounds when fully inflated, much lighter than hard boards of similar size and durability.
  • Accessory Bundle — iRocker has included a hand pump, paddle, carrying bag, and ankle leash along with this board.
  • 2-Year Warranty — Covers everything outside of standard “wear and tear.” iRocker is confident about the quality of their board and wants to make sure that customers feel the same level of assuredness when purchasing one.

What We Like

  • It’s A Big Board — Thick and wide, the CRUISER offers the maximum level of stability to riders looking to take this into even choppy water. It also provides plenty of room for performing board yoga and similar activities.
  • Great Weight Capacity — At 350 pounds, even the heaviest riders can board the CRUISER without fear that it’s going to topple over on them.
  • It Has An Excellent Accessory Kit — In a show of fine business decision making, these items are all of fairly high quality to boot. The paddle is fiberglass instead of aluminum, the carry bag is comfortable and rugged, the pump can be operated in both dual and single action mode, and the ankle leash is a premium number with a strong 7mm cord.

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What We Don’t Like

  • It’s Not Exactly Fast — One of the CRUISER’s few drawbacks is that it just cruises. You won’t be breaking any speed records on this board.
  • Limited Color Varieties — You’ll only find the CRUISER in the standard blue/white/black combination.

irocker cruiser close up

Best Suited For

  • General Purpose Riding — The CRUISER is sturdy and strong, making it an excellent choice for shifting conditions and all-around riding.

Not So Great For

  • Speeding Through The Waves — The design isn’t built for speed, so if you want a touring or racing style board, you’ll have to search elsewhere.

The Verdict

iRocker’s CRUISER is a superior entry in the iSUP market that will appeal to riders of all stripes. It’s big and easy to ride, a plus for beginners. It’s also lightweight, highly transportable, and affordable, making it great for more experienced riders who may want a backup board they can carry on the go. Additions like the 3-fin setup, cargo bungees, and accessory kit make the CRUISER even more worthwhile and complete the “all-around” nature of this package.

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