Buying Brand Guide: Element Clothing

Element clothing is inspired by nature’s elements to provide durable products for skaters who push the limits in every skating session.

And it does this while adding a touch of style with Element’s iconic tree logo.

For anyone familiar with the skating scene for the last twenty-five years, this style has been hard to miss.

But although Element has been a leading brand in skateboarding since 1992 and currently sponsors over fifteen professional skaters, what people often don’t realize is that it is much more than just the skateboard brand or a tree logo.

Just look at their shoe selection.

Element does not simply manufacture skateboarding shoes designed to last during the most intense skate sessions. They also have boots great for hiking or nature walks.

This is because the founding of Element by Johnny Schillereff was deeply rooted in art and nature and all the elements that surrounded Schillereff on his journey to create one of the most successful brands in the skater industry.

This is why most of most of Element’s shoes are made from reclaimed rubber – because protecting the Earth is one of the many initiatives that make Element stand out as a company.

And they don’t just link this focus on nature to their shoes.

Those of you who find yourself exploring the heights and depths of what nature has to offer, whether you’re skating or not, you’re going to need clothing that is up to the task to handle it.

Element’s clothing has a vast selection for both men and women and is all inspired by their attention to nature. Below is a detailed buyers guide of Element clothing products.


Element clothing provides durable tops with a consistent creative design and, when possible, never skips on incorporating that iconic tree logo that has guided the brand since 1992.

Skaters and nature lovers thrive in all kinds of environments, whether the sun is shining, rain is falling, or people are making snow angels.

No matter if the weather requires loose clothing during hot days or heavier material to keep warm – or if you need both – Element provides all the options you need to stay exploring and skating all year round.

Men’s Line:

► Breathable tank tops starting as low as $18 to $30

► Durable t-shirts, v-necks, and long tees ranging from $17 to $45 for polos

► High-quality hoodies and sweaters, prices starting at only $27 during sales and as high as $80

► Nicely fit jackets ranging from $30 to $120.

These are all available in various fashions, as well.

Their designs range from older styles that brand their classic tree logo, to newly created styles that retain the same message of creativity inspired by nature.

So, for those of you who live near mountains, hike or climb mountains, or – like me – simply enjoy looking at pictures of mountains, you’re in luck. Element clothing has an awesome line of mountain graphic tees, as well as other symbols of nature.

Women’s Line:

Women have all the same options as men but tons more to choose from.

Element clothing for women is probably not thought about as being anything other than for skater-girls… but this is far from true.

Element includes styles for even the most formal events – for those who like to shred but may need dressier clothes for work.

Their options include:

► Tank tops of all kinds of styles starting at $15

► Graphic t-shirts, long tees, and other tops ranging from $15 to $65

► Flannels for any occasion

► Jackets available in denim, bomber, puffer, and more, prices starting at $30 and as high as $90

► Tonight dresses, tee dresses, rib dresses, jumpsuits, and overalls starting at $20 to $70.

► Rompers and way more

Check out all their tops here and find which one suits you best.


Element Clothing Bottoms

Element has numerous styles of bottoms to choose from.

Like their tops, they have options for any kind of weather or activity – cold or hot, rain or dry.

And, I don’t know about you, but when I’m skating I like to wear bottoms made especially for skating. This allows for maximum comfort.

Element also has options perfect for formal occasions. Here are the various options to choose from:


► Short styles from khaki to cargo, ranging from $21 to $55

► Jeans and pants in multiple styles starting at $28 to $65. (Element Clothing has cheaper jeans than your average pair of Levis)

► Comfortable sweatpants

► Chino and khaki pants for more formal settings


► Shorts in denim, fleece, and others starting at $20 to $70

► Flex pants, fleece pants, and more pants ranging from $25 to $80

► Comfortable sweatpants

If you want durable clothing for outdoor adventures, while not sacrificing that crucial asset we all look for when shopping – style – then check out Element Clothing bottoms here.


Element Clothing for Boys

That’s right, the little guy does not have to miss out on great clothing, either.

And who doesn’t like a little “skater boy…” (Avril Lavigne).

Element clothing designs clothes just for boys who need that extra durability and style for every kind of rough behavior they may get into.

Boys tops are available anywhere from $8 to $22, which is not a bad deal for dressing your kid in stylish skater outfits perfect for wearing to school and skating with his friends after.

Shorts are also available around $30, and pants reach up to around $45.


Element Shoes

Here we are, discussing shoes again… the full circle is almost complete.

As I mentioned earlier, Element has far more than just skateboarding shoes. But, they do offer great selections for skating.

And for those concerned about the environment, Element shoes are a great buy because they are made from reclaimed rubber and water-based cement that reduce their impact on the world.

Skate-boarding shoes include:

  • Topaz – No one likes buying shoes every other month, and all skaters need shoes that can handle intense skate sessions. These classic skate shoes have reinforced toe caps while not being too bulky, allowing for the right combination of slimness and durability.
  • Topaz C3 – Although nearly identical to the above shoe, the C3 line updated the reinforced toe cap featured in the original Topaz shoe and added a cushioned collar as well as a heel lock for ultimate comfort.
  • Spike Shoe – Being a high-riser, Element’s spike shoes support your ankles while skating – and also give off an old-school feel that any skater would appreciate. These shoes are given extra durability with a rubber toe and an Ollie pad.
  • Wasso – The Wasso shoe line is even more-reinforced than the Topaz C3, featuring a padded collar and a reinforced shoe panel.
  • More available on Element Clothing’s website

But the shoes do not end here.

Element also offers stylish high-tops and boots for all your outdoor excursions. These include:

  • Sism High-Top – this shoe is part of the Wolfeboro Collection at Element Clothing and feature all-weather characteristics with warm liners and rubber mudguards to allow you the versatility to go anywhere and keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Topaz C3 Mid – Yes, the Topaz C3 line is available as a mid-shoe as well. This high-riser has features that allow you the greatest traction in winter conditions, such as a winterized-outsole and water-resistant exterior fabric
  • Military and hiking boots also available on Element Clothing’s website


Element Clothing Defines Skateboarding, Nature defines Element

a man doing stunts on skateboard
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Johnny Schillereff created Element Clothing inspired by the elements of nature around him.

Of course, the skaters, too.

But if you don’t believe me (or aren’t convinced after this guide), take a look at their entire business design.

Element’s skateboarding brand logo is a tree.

Element has skating shoes and hiking boots.

Element has skating shoes that are made from reclaimed rubber to help save the planet.

The combination of skating and nature is hard to miss. And that’s because it’s there.

For anyone looking to express their love for the environment and planet, or just trying to represent an experienced skateboarding brand, you should consider Element as your next shopping choice.


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